Alex the crossdresser gets more than he bargained for

Alex was a happy go lucky transvestite. He loved to go out shopping in full drag. He loved the attention he got, it excited him greatly. But Alex never expected what happened when he went into the new shoe store that had opened in his neighborhood. He strutted in and the butch looking female clerk gave him a strange look. After asking for help with some shoes he noticed a rather large bulge in the clerk's pants. Not being able to restrain himself Alex grabbed the zipper and lo and behold, the clerk was wearing a huge strap-on dildo!

Abbraxa Productions brings you no-holes barred fetish! Abbraxa and her team of bitches explore their every desire, no matter how twisted and bizarre. Here are some of the titles you can enjoy:

  • Rectal Afternoon,
  • Construction Zone,
  • She Fucks T-Girls Butts,
  • Male Rear Hunter,
  • Foot Fucked,
  • Femdom P.O.W.,
  • Bad Girls On Top,
  • The Gyneco Secretary,
  • Strap-On Seduction,
  • Ass Girls,
  • Horny Horny T-Girls,
  • My Big Deep Brown Eye,
  • Fucking Chicks,
  • Cum Shooter,
  • Strange Object Bazaar,
  • She is A Man Fucker,
  • She Sucks, He Shoots, They Score!
  • Slutboy Fucking,
  • Under My Clit,
  • Anal Angle, and more!

Alex was surprised at this turn of events, but was turned on even more. The shoe clerk met his eyes and with a grin stuffed the dildo into Alex's waiting mouth. After making it slick with his saliva the shoe clerk fucked Alex with her fake cock. Alex had found his new favorite store.

Guys get fucked by heartless bitches

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