Flattery will get you pegged

Jesse Carl comes to worship Mistress Aiden Starr. As it is appropriate for a lowly male, he licks her shoes and feet until they are sparkling clean. As reward for his devotion Aiden spanks him with a paddle and a cane, making Jesse gasp as his ass is stricken with force.

Aiden manhandles Jesse, biting his chest and worthless cock. Jesse endures this punishment as well as he can. To reward his endurance, Aiden goes and fetches her strap on dildo.

Jesse is priviledged in getting his ass sodomized by his Mistress. The devilish Aiden enjoys Jesse's gasps as the monstrous dildo penetrates his rectum. Aiden smothers Jesse's face with her ass, forcing him to lick her sweaty asshole and pussy. The mistress needs some release and rides Jesse's cock. The submissive begs for release and Aiden deigns in giving it to him, but as a final demonstration of her power she smears Jesse's cum over his own face.

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