Impromptu Gang Bang

Annie was having a night out with her boyfriend. They had gone to a bar to get some drinks when Annie decided she wanted to dance. Her boyfriend wasn't up to it, specially since once again his small cock had let Annie down when he tried to fuck her earlier that day. So Annie picked up a stranger and after dirty dancing with him she was hot for some action. She took her boyfriend down to the basement and took out her frustation on him, ripping off his clothes to reveal the chastity lock she kept his puny cock in. After making fun of him and torturing his cock Annie called her dancing partner and sucked his big cock as her boyfriend watched.

This was just the beginning of the punishment that Annie had in store for her boyfriend. She brought out her strap on dildo and pegged his ass, fucking him deep and hard as she was groped and kissed by her new friend. Annie had a idea and told her new friend to call all his buddies down for some group fun. Annie proceeded to suck and fuck everyone of the guys as her boyfriend watched.

Not content with making the cuckold watch, Annie forced him to suck cock. The poor boyfriend tried to refuse, but Annie told him that if he really loved her he would put that cock in his mouth. Biting back tears the cuckold did as he was ordered. As a final act of humiliation Annie had the whole gang cum over her boyfriend, then she squirted on him, washing the gang's spunk with her juices.

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