Putting a ring on her finger was a bad idea

True love will make a sane man do crazy things. Will Jasper used to be a regular joe until he fell heads over heels over Ashley Edmonds. Jasper's bad luck was that Ashley is a vicious dominatrix that demands complete obedience and submission. That is how Will found himself naked, being led around on a chain and collar by Ashley as strangers laughed at him. Ashley made Will wear a male chastity lock and wore the key around her neck. The blode took devilish delight in whipping Will, but he took it all and more. Even when he had to endure watching his Mistress sucking another man's cock, in this case Matt Williams, Will took it in stride. If having another man's cock in her mouth made her happy, so be it. Even when Ashley spit Matt's still warm cum on his face Will said nothing. That's how strong his devotion to Ashley was.

Hating to bother his mistress, Will asked her for permission to pee. Ashley was angry at this interruption of her schedule, but took the naked Will to the bathroom. Once there, she didn't deign to take the male chastity lock off, so Will had to pee through it. Van Darkholme walked into this strange situation and Ashley had an idea. To amuse herself and as a test for her slave, she asked Darkholme to butt fuck her slave. He agreed, and soon Will was getting his ass fucked by some strange man. Will endured this humiliation, even sucking cock and having Darkholme cum on his face. Nothing, not even forced bi, would break his devotion to his mistress.

For the final test Will was tied up to a bed as Ashley fucked Rod Spunkel. Rod has a huge cock, much bigger than Will's, and Ashley rides him hard, teasing with her feet the bound and gagged Will. Burning with shame and excitement, Will watches as this stranger tastes his mistress' delights, something which he has never experienced. Ashley loves watching Will's struggling in his bonds, and for that Will is grateful, that in some little way he can contribute to Ashley's happiness.

Guys get fucked by heartless bitches

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