Two Heartless Dominatrices Use Innocent Guy As Fuck Toy

Dia and January are in for a treat. They got their hands on an innocent and brand new sub, Martin Lorenzo. The two twisted dominatrices unleash their twisted games on Martin, tying him up and submitting him to harsh CBT. Martin's nipples are their next target as they put chained clamps on them.

But their next game is more twisted. Martin is forced to lick Dia's pussy and ass while January pegs his ass. The brunette holds nothing back as she thrusts her hips hard against the poor Martin, who will be punished if he doesn't keep up the licking.

Martin is taken to a bed and strapped to it. While laying helpless Martin is made to worship Dia's feet as January rides his cock. Dia and January tease Martin by sucking his cock, then jerk it until he cums all over himself.

Guys get fucked by heartless bitches

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