Dia Zerva and January Seraph Teach Their Male Slave The Meaning of Domination

Dia Zerva and January Seraph are looking for a few good men... to dominate! Their recruitment drive brings them their first test subject in the form of Martin Lorenzo. The brave young man thinks he has the right stuff, but these two bitches will test him in ways he cannot begin to imagine. The training starts with bondage and CBT, followed by some ball licking as a reward, then with some nipple teasing and pegging. Dia and January are glad to see their slave performing better than they expected, but the testing is far from over.

The ladies continue their games, teasing the bound Martin with their pussies as he lays helpless. Foot worship is next on the menu, and January decides to have some fun with their slave and fucks his hard cock. The ladies finally reward their new manservant with a double blowjob.

Guys get fucked by heartless bitches

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