Scout in extreme denial and pegging

Scout thought he had what it took to be a Divine submissive. But it's not up to him to decide. First he has to meet the high standards of submission the Divines demand. To test this Felony comes into the picture. She puts Scout in a male chastity lock, then teases him, making his cock engorge and be constricted by the lock. Blindfolded and bound, she whips him viciously as Scout realizes he still has much to learn.

Felony takes a devilish pleasure in teasing Scout. She takes his locked up cock between her breasts and caresses it as she fucks Scout's ass with her strap on dildo.

Felony makes Scout worship her boots. Scout licks them clean, grateful to be of service to his mistress. Felony allows the submissive to lick her sweaty ass clean, then fucks herself on his dildo-gagged face.

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