Mistress Felony is a Harsh Mistress

Derrick P. and Leo Forte are in for a treat. Mistress Felony has just joined the Divine Bitches and they will be the first submissives to receive her attention. Felony will not hold anything back, making this session memorable. She puts both of the submissives in male chastity locks, binds them back to back and after blindfolding them she canes and paddles them randomly so they never know which will receive her punishment next.

Felony gives her ass and pussy for Derrick and Leo to sniff. As the blindfolded males are driven mad with desire she allows them the honor of rimming her ass and licking her pussy.

Feeling the need for a snack Felony orders Leo to feed her strawberries. As he does so she fists Derrick's ass. Leo watches in fascination as Felony continues to violate Derrick's ass, making him lose control. Dildo masks are put on the submissives so Felony can get some pleasure out of the worthless men.

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