Blonde Mistress Puts Her Black Lover Through A Test For Admission Into A Femdom Stud Stable

Platinum blonde Lorelei Lee is tasked with testing the stud candidates for the Divine Bitches. It is a grave responsability which she does not take lightly. Only those males which know their place and can endure the punishment which the Divines dish out without question can be considered. Mickey Mod thinks he has what it takes, but first he'll have to get through Lorelei Lee. The latex-clad blonde binds his arms and legs, blindfolds him and gives him some CBT for starters.

She canes his inner thighs and whips his torso until Mickey realizes that what he wants is inconsequential, that he is the toy and property of Lorelei Lee. She takes the bound Mickey and showers him with cold water. The blonde then tests Mickey's nipple-sucking skills, motor boating his face with her tits. The bound and chained black man is made to lick Lorelei's pussy in preparation for the next test.

Mickey is chained to a toilet with his ass in the air. Lorelei Lee takes her position behind him and uses a strap on to peg the submissive male. The latex mistress paddles his ass and laughs as she thrusts her hips, driving the dildo deep into Mickey's ass.

Mickey has shown the proper submissive attitude, but now it's time to test his determination. Lorelei Lee strokes the black man's cock, teasing him as she rubs her pussy on his torso and paddles his feet. Mickey is able to maintain his erection and Lorelei takes the opportunity to have some fun, riding his big black dick with her pussy.

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