Skin Diamond teases and finger-fucks Steve Sterling's ass

The Queen of Diamonds is breaking in Steve Sterling into submission. Naked, bound and gagged to a chair, Steve waits for Skin to begin, anxiety building up as she sits behind him in her throne. Skin explains how she will break Steve's spirit with her perverse teasing, and this has Steve's cock getting wet with precum. This breach of discipline will not be tolerated by Skin, and she fetches her whip to correct Steve's faux-pas.

Skin whips the bound and gagged Steve, ripping satisfying grunts from him. The Ebony Queen teases the bound male, letting him smell her pussy through her pantyhose, rubbing his cock with her hands, knees and high heels.

Once Skin has teased Steve to her satisfaction she puts his head in an isolation box. The Diamond Queen whips and paddles Steve's ass, making it hyper-sensitive for the next stage of the training.

Bound with his ass in the air, Skin finger-fucks Steve's asshole, skillfully massaging his prostate until Steve is babbling incoherently. With his cock and balls encased in a chastity cage, Skin teases Steve, putting her delicious pussy inches away from his face and finally making him eat her and make her cum.

Skin uses a vibrator on Steve's chastity cage. Sitting on his chest, letting him feel the warmth of her pussy, the Diamond Queen teases the naked male but Steve will not be allowed to liberate his puny cock and feel his Mistress' pleasures. He still has much to learn about serving his Queen.

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