Sophie Dee Forces Jessie Sparkles Watch Her Blow A Room Full of Strangers

Jessie Sparkles wanted to be a good submissive. He tried his best to please his mistress, attending to her every whim, enduring her punishments, wearing his male chastity lock all the time. Not that he had any choice about the lock, for Sophie wore the key around her neck to remind him of his place. But Sophie wasn't satisfied with his efforts, and fed up with him she took him down to a bar and made him ask the bar patrons to fuck his mistress right. Not happy with having him do that, Sophie stripped him down and whipped him as he lay bound by his arms to the ceiling.

Sophie sucked off all the guys in the bar as Jessie watched helplessly. Not content with that humiliation, Sophie collected all the guy's cum in a glass and pour it all over Jessie's locked up cock. Jessie could not even wash it off.

The mistress took one of the guys back to her home. After tying up Jessie securely to the bed and ball gagging him, Sophie made out with her new lover as Jessie turned away from the sight. But that cost him dearly, as Sophie put on her strap on dildo and pegged him furiosly while her lover watched amused. Jessie watched as the big black stud came over his mistress' tits and the key that held his cock bound forevermore.

Guys get fucked by heartless bitches There is no escape or mercy at the hands of the Divine Bitches

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