Putting a ring on her finger was a bad idea

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Daniel was bursting with joy. He had finally convinced Aiden Starr to marry him and he was looking foward to his wedding night with great anticipation. But things didn't turn out as he expected. Once Aiden was in the nuptial suite she told Daniel that she was in charge. He was officially her fuck toy, and because they didn't have a pre-nuptial agreement she could clean him out if she chose to. To clearly demonstrate this fact she threw him on the floor, stripped him naked and after handcuffing him she whipped him like a rented mule.

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Daniel's protests fell on deaf ears. Aiden continued to demonstrate her superiority to Daniel, using her feet to tease Daniel by giving him a footjob, rubbing her pussy on his face, but then pouring hot wax on his body and covering his torso with clothespins. Daniel's muffled cries made Aiden horny and she rode his dick as Daniel lay helplessly tied up to the matrimonial bed.

But that bit of pleasure would cost Daniel dearly. Aiden put a male chastity lock on Daniel, and then sprung her surprise. She let her lover into the room, and while she used her strap on dildo to peg Daniel she kissed her lover. Aiden continued to peg Daniel's ass as her lover watched sitting comfortably on a chair, laughing as the cuckolded Daniel held back tears of humiliation.

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