Hunter becomes Prey

Wolf Lotus was smitten when he saw Brooke Banner pass by. Her tight ass put him in a spell, and soon he was following her. But as she arrived at her destination Wolf was suddenly confronted by a beautiful Asian, who asked him what he thought he was doing. Confused by this direct approach, Wolf confessed that he would like to fuck both of them. Lucy Lee grabbed Wolf's crotch and pulled him inside..

Overpowered by tthe two women, Wolf was putty in their hands. The women took his clothes off and Brooke smothered his face with her sweaty ass. Wolf licked it with an almost religious devotion, and as reward Brooke let him cum over her feet. But this came with a high price, as the two women put on strap on dildos and ordered him to bend over.

Lucy Lee and Brooke Banner fucked Wolf's ass. Lucy Lee enjoyed herself immensely as she watched her plastic cock penetrate Wolf's ass. Brooke made Wolf give her head, watching as Wolf devoured her dildo.

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