Madison Hate Fucks Her Cheating Boyfriend

There's no more dangerous creature than a woman scorned. Daniel learns this the hard way when Madison finds out he's been cheating on her. He wakes up to find himself tied up and Madison starts interrogating him. He tries to deny everything, but Madison won't hear any of his lies. She smothers Daniel with her pussy and ass, and uses a riding crop to strike his bare chest. As Daniel still professes his innocence Madison decides to take more drastic measures.

Madison blindfolds Daniel so he doesn't see what's coming. The fiery redhead puts on her strap on dildo and pegs the blindfolded and bound Daniel. She jerks his cock as the dildo violates his ass, making Daniel start to babble incoherently, saying names at random due to his senses being overloaded.

Seeing Daniel broken turns Madison on. It's now her turn to get a piece of Daniel's cock, and she rides it like a possessed woman, then rubs her pussy all over Daniel's face until he shoots his load.

Men are fucked with strapon dildos by heartless bitches

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