Mika Tan and Lorelei Lee punish delivery men for their mistake

Making a client wait for a delivery is bad enough, making two fierce dommes wait is even worse. But that's exactly what Elliot Skellington and Judas did. Even worse, their delivery was incomplete, making Mika and Lorelei furious. The two men were terrified of the angry women and were willing to do anything they asked, which is exactly what Mika and Lorelei were waiting for. Soon the two men were naked and hung upside-down while Mika and Lorelei laughed.

The dommes forced their feet into the two delivery men's mouths, telling them to suck on their feet as if they were cocks. Not content with that humiliation Mika and Lorelei stuffed Judas and Elliot's mouths with packing straw and kicked their naked bodies. Teasing was the next order of business with the dommes sitting on the faces of Elliot and Judas, ordering them to lick their pussies as if their lives depended on it.

Lorelei wanted some cock and forced Elliot to provide it. Meanwhile Judas was flogged by Mika and a dildo shoved in his ass, Lorelei Lee's moans of pleasure mixing with Judas' grunts as Mika sodomized his ass.

Men are fucked with strapon dildos by heartless bitches

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