Ranch Hand Gets Broken In

As head of the ranch, Tory Lane had a lot on her mind. So when one of her cowboys started doing things his way and disrupting the workflow something had to be done. Tory brought Bill to a secluded spot for a private talk. But Bill was still defiant, so Tory decided that this wild buck needed to be broken in. Tory tied Bill up and slapped his cock, teased him by rubbing his face on her big tits, then put Bill in a suspension rig and attached weights to his cock and balls to make it more fun.

This was just the beginning. Tory put on her strap on dildo and pegged the suspended Bill from behind, grabbing the ropes for better driving the dildo deep into Bill's ass.

After fucking his ass thoroughly, Tory continued to tease the bound Bill. The broken Bill could not help himself and started to pleasure himself as Tory watched amused. She brought out a penis pump and used it on Bill as she gave him a dildo to suck on. Finally Bill came all over himself and Tory scooped up his cum and spread it all over Bill's face.

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