Full Service Maid

Charley Chase had been hired as a "full service maid" for this dinner party. But Charley forgot to check the fine print of her contract, so when she showed up for the dinner and was put in restraints with the serving tray on her bare chest she couldn't very well object. In fact, the bizarre situation was making her a bit horny. As the night progressed the dinner guests took liberties with Charley, caressing her breasts and pussy as she passed by to deliver drinks. She was grabbed and put on the dinner table as everyone laughed and jeered while she crawled on the mantletop. The host then brought out a dildo on a stick and used it on Charley. The brunette was overcome with feelings of shame and excitement as all eyes were on her.

Charley was bound like a Thanksgiving dinner then fondled and finger fucked. A duck bone was used to gag her as she crawled over the dinner guest's plates. Once everyone had eaten Charley was moved to the living room where the guests took turns fucking Charley as others watched and cheered them on.

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