Bar Fly Felony Gets Gang Banged

That night Felony walked into the wrong bar. She was looking to have a quiet drink, but once she went down those dark steps and opened the door she was in another world. Normal rules did not apply there. As she waited for her drink the bar crowd started to feel her up. Felony was stunned and didn't know what to do, but soon the rough caresses had her pussy flowing and moaning wanting more. Felony was stripped and bound, and the guys took turns sticking their dicks in Felony's hungry mouth.

Felony was passed around like a bowl of pretzels. Everyone had a chance at sticking their fingers in Felony's ass and pussy, and those more adventurous fucked her pussy and ass. Felony was overcome with pleasure, babbling incoherently as she was dragged around the place and used like a fuck doll until she was left spent, lying on the filthy floor.

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